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Welcome to the Daily CREED podcast show. My name is JR and I am your host. On our show we help entrepreneurs gain clarity on their programs, offers, deliverables, traffic, and sales so they can thrive in a competitive market. Our focus is to break your limited beliefs that is keeping you from personal and professional success. We want you to dominate your industry and to live the life you desire. We believe that if you can master the five character traits of commitment, resilience, excellence, execution, and discipline then you will grow in every aspect of your life

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Thursday Nov 23, 2023

Being a leader in your home, work, and social life comes easy for some, but not for all. With his guest, Richard Flint, JR is going to discuss how the role of the Leader is to Lead, not simply be a Participant. Since Covid many “Leaders” have reverted back to their Old Leadership style, while the need is for the Leader is to pause, take an honest look at their business and see where they need to adapt, adjust and align to a new look.
The role of the Leader is to Lead, not simply be a Participant. Since Covid many “Leaders” have reverted back to their Old Leadership style, while the need is for the Leader is to pause, take an honest look at their Business and see where they need to adapt, adjust and align to a new look.
Richard Flint has 35 years and over 6000 presentations helping Leadership take an honest look at the needs of their Business and be willing to Lead their Company, not just participate in their Business.

Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

The number one reason people leave a job is because of their direct manager. The resulting negative cost of losing a good employee can range from $200-250k each. Senior executives know their leaders lack leadership competency, but also know and admit that their organization isn’t investing in solving this enormous problem. Pat D’Amico is going to share his decades of training and experience with us as we take a dive into this topic on business that often times gets ignored.
Working in Fortune 500 companies including Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic, as well as start-ups, Pat D’Amico roles have included sales, sales management, commercial operations, recruiting, marketing and training. As a sales manager, Pat was a 4-time President Club winner. He has led departments at the Director or VP levels in commercial operations, sales operations, learning & development, and sales recruiting, many times encompassing global responsibility. One of the most novel aspects of his career is that more than half his roles were newly created, allowing him to design and launch new departments, even within large established organizations. His cross-functional and cross-business experience have given him a knowledge and perspective on the multiple factors that can impact commercial success.
Throughout his career, Pat’s passions for the study of leadership, driving organizational success, and teaching, along with his belief in being a lifelong learner, have continually led him back to roles in learning & development and training. Pat holds an MS in Education (Instructional Design), a BA in World Politics, and an Executive Coaching certification from the UC Berkeley Executive Education and Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute. He is a frequent speaker and author on topics related to learning& development and leadership and is a member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Council.
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Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

Francesca’s journey is awe-inspiring. From battling personal struggles to becoming a loving wife and mother, she transformed her life by helping others. After closing her $3.5Million Network Marketing venture to spend more time with her four children, she recently launched a brand new digital marketing business and sold 4 figures in the first 24 hours and over $1Million in just four months.
Get ready to learn about monetizing social media by attracting your perfect clients through consistency and impeccable customer service!
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Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

JR Spear is going to take you on a journey from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world with his guest, Michael Fritzius. JR and Micahel have an interesting perspective on what it takes to step out of the norm and your comfort zone and dive head first into owning your own business and being your own boss!
Michael and JR will  discuss automation to free up time to spend with your family and live our your dream life. Michael also nerds out on automation and is going to give you the behind the scenes on how automation and podcasting can amplify your business and lead you to where you want to be!
Fritz is a husband, father, Christian, and recovering workaholic. Over the years of being a business owner he’s learned about the inner mind, but also combines technology to get dialed in on knowing exactly what to do when. A huge automation nerd who straddles both the podcasting space and the clean wellness space, every day is an adventure. Fritz and his wife Charlotte live in St. Louis with their 4 daughters.
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Thursday Nov 02, 2023

 Beth Learn, the visionary founder of Fit2B Studio, as our esteemed guest. Join us for an insightful conversation as we delve into Beth’s journey of entrepreneurship and her remarkable contributions to the world of prenatal and postpartum fitness.
Beth Learn, with her unwavering dedication and innovative approach, has defied the norms of the highly competitive fitness industry. As the founder of Fit2B Studio, she has created a unique business niche, offering specialized workouts for women seeking effective solutions for their diastasis recti abdominal gaps. Through convenient home workouts, Beth’s programs cater to the transformative phases of pregnancy and postpartum recovery, providing tailored solutions and expert guidance.
As a trusted mentor and advocate for women’s health, Beth’s passion for empowering individuals shines through. Her entrepreneurial journey has inspired countless women to regain their strength, confidence, and overall well-being during their prenatal and postpartum journey. With Fit2B Studio, Beth has fostered a supportive community that celebrates the beauty of this transformative stage of life.
Joining us as the host of the Business Leaders Network show, JR Spear brings a wealth of expertise in entrepreneurship and leadership. Through engaging discussions and interviews, JR connects with visionaries like Beth Learn to explore their success stories, challenges, and insights. Together, they uncover the secrets to thriving in the business world while making a positive impact on people’s lives.
In this captivating episode, you will witness the intersection of business acumen and a passion for women’s health. Beth Learn shares her experiences, lessons learned, and her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results. Through her authenticity and dedication, she has revolutionized the fitness industry, one empowering workout at a time.
Tune in to the Business Leaders Network show with JR Spear as he interviews Beth Learn, the visionary founder of Fit2B Studio. Prepare to be inspired as they discuss entrepreneurship, women’s health, and the transformative power of following one’s passion. Get ready to gain valuable insights that will empower you on your own entrepreneurial journey and in creating a positive impact in your industry.
Beth Learn: Empowering women through Fit2B Studio. Pioneering specialized workouts for prenatal and postpartum women worldwide. Mentor, advocate, and fitness revolutionary.
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Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

Discover how to acquire more leads without breaking the bank, leveraging the power of qualitative data and strategic advertising campaigns.
Explore the world of qualitative data analysis and uncover how it can provide invaluable insights into your potential clients. Learn how to better understand their needs, preferences, and pain points to tailor your offerings and increase conversions.Rethink your marketing approach as experts reveal why relying solely on SEO may not be enough. Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of running targeted advertising campaigns and how they can supercharge your lead generation efforts.
Join us for this enlightening TV show interview, where JR Spear and Alex Lloro share their proven tactics and insider knowledge. Unleash the potential of lead generation through qualitative data analysis and strategic advertising, propelling your business to new heights of success.
Alex Lloro is a renowned digital marketing consultant and the Founder/Managing Director of All Marketing Services. With a degree in Marketing from Georgetown University, he has established himself as an expert in driving business growth through innovative strategies. Alex’s expertise includes SEO, social media, PPC advertising, and more. He is known for his client-centric approach and track record of success. As a speaker and thought leader, he shares his insights at industry conferences. In his spare time, Alex volunteers for education-focused nonprofits.
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Thursday Oct 26, 2023

In this enlightening podcast episode, dive deep into the dynamic world of modern business with our special guest, Yedda Stancil, an esteemed leader renowned for pioneering business thought leadership.
With over 20 years of experience as a consciousness coach and consultant, Yedda wakes people up to their true potential and purpose. She guides clients to access their unconscious minds, right-size their egos, and develop new behaviors that generate positive outcomes and emotions. Utilizing a mindful, experiential, and integrated approach to personal development she helps clients shift their stories and create meaningful change in their lives and leadership.
Yedda supports the vision of radically shifting the global professional coaching industry towards excellence by partnering with the world’s leading experts in the industry and provides coaches with the best online training and resources. She serves as a board member at The Moment Institute, where she contributes to the innovation and dissemination of integrative development, a new theory and practice of learning and development that combines organizational and personal development.
Passionate about “re-humanizing” the workplace and empowering leaders and teams to create psychologically safe, compassionate, and inclusive cultures, she is a certified executive coach, a certified narrative coach, and a certified mindfulness meditation teacher, as well as the author of the coaching manual “Shut Up and Sit: Finding Silence and All the Life-Changing Magic that Comes with It”.
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Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

Imagine a future where your business thrives, fully systemized and generating remarkable results, while your team works passionately as if they were owners of the company. Moreover, you’ll learn the art of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, ensuring fulfillment both professionally and personally.
Prepare to be inspired as Eric Beck shares actionable insights and captivating storytelling. With multiple TEDx Talks under his belt, he is a sought-after speaker who leaves audiences spellbound.
Eric Beck is a highly accomplished business strategist and former International Director of Training for E-Myth Worldwide, where he helped 960 businesses generate over $240 million in additional revenue. With a diverse background as a musician, martial arts medalist, and U.S. Army National Guard Specialist, Eric brings a unique blend of creativity and discipline to his work. As a sought-after speaker and TEDx Talks presenter, he captivates audiences with engaging storytelling and actionable insights. Committed to work-life balance, Eric is also a dedicated father of six boys. He continues to make a profound impact on the business world, empowering entrepreneurs to systemize their businesses, foster loyalty in their teams, and achieve both professional success and personal fulfillment.
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Thursday Oct 19, 2023

In this episode of the Business Leaders Network host, JR Spear discusses “Optimizing Community to Work Less and Make More” as he  takes a deep dive into breaking down how community, referrals and personal growth all lead to greater success in business. With JR’s several years of experience as an entrepreneur and diverse experience he has helped people expand and grow their business.
Have a pen and paper ready because Business Success Strategist, JR Spear will give you strategies on how to optimize your own communities in order to take your business to the next level to reach more people and make more money!
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Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

This dynamic show aims to provide entrepreneurs, business owners, and aspiring leaders with valuable insights and strategies to grow their businesses, increase sales, and create a strong customer community using the power of social media posts.
Marketing and Social Media Expert Angee Hernandez, an immigrant from Colombia, has made a name for herself in the online business world. She has successfully established multiple online businesses with a customer base of more than 70,000 worldwide. Her success is largely due to her adept utilization of social media strategies and systems, which has generated over 80 million dollars in online sales over the past 5 years. Angee’s passion is to empower others to succeed in business, which led her to create a private coaching program. The program is designed to help individuals with businesses increase productivity, sales, generate more leads, and triple their revenue, all while attaining more time freedom.
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